Al S.T. Rajel, Business Owner of Margate, FL (Florida) 33062

Singh T.
There are still a few good plumbers out there. Old School Plumbing is right on target on customer service. They were able to repair an outside water leak during the night since I had no water all day. I also like their website and online scheduling system. To me, they are a good bunch and I will advise you to give them a try the next time you need a plumber at a reasonable price.
Jay Markoff Jencke of Margate, FL (Florida) 33068
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Routine plumbing repairs in Pompano Beach, FL
hot water issues   |  water heaters   |   leaking water heater  |  leaks in ceiling   |   washing machine faucets   |  garden hose faucets   |  sinks faucets   |  leaking toilets   |  running toilets   |  toilets not flushing       garbage disposals issues    |   dishwashers not draining    clogged sinks or toilets    |  clogged showers or  bathtubs   |  clogged washing machines   |  bathroom sink leaks   |  kitchen sink leaks   |  unknown leaks   |  leaks in general    low water pressure   |  no water at all      pipe leaks   |  main water valves broken   |  leaking - stuck valves     sinks, faucets, garbage disposals & toilets installed   |  backflow prevention   |   floor drains   |  clogged drains  |  main water pipe leaks   |  leaks near water meter not covered by city   |  backflow certification   |  commercial and residential   |   landlord discounts      restaurants and hotels   |  dental & medical offices   |  backflow code compliance   |  backflow repairs   |  backflow testing   |   backflow maintenance   |  certify backflow   |  backflow water meter upgrade
Main plumbing service categories in Pompano Beach, FL
Leaks - under sink, exterior pipes, near water meter, etc.
Valves - main shut-off, faucet or toilet shut-off, washing machine
Drains - clogged shower, tub, sink, toilet, floor, dishwasher,
Toilets - leaking, clogged, overflowing, not flushing
Faucets - leaking, frozen, sink, washing machine, garden hose
Garbage disposals - clogged, jammed, leaking, not grinding
Water heaters - installations and repairs, leaking, no hot water
Backflow certification - backflow prevention, backflow testing,
backflow repairs, backflow - water meter code compliance upgrades
For 47 years the family member plumbers of Old School Plumbing
companies and plumbing contractors have been the favorite commercial and residential plumber (plumbing) of Pompano Beach, FL (Florida) 33351, 33345, 33313, 33304, 33319, 33321, 33322, 33323, 33325, 33326, 33338, 33311, 33312, 33313, 33327, 33388, 33337, 33336, 33317, 33326, 33325, 33324, 33323, 33322, 33318, Coconut Creek, Fl (Florida) 33063, 33066, 33067, 33073, 33076, 33097, Hillsboro Beach, FL (Florida) 33062, Lighthouse Point, FL (Florida) 33064, 33074, Margate, FL (Florida) 33068, 33093, 33073, 33066, 33065, 33063, North Lauderdale, FL (Florida) 33068.

Backflow test kits and backflow test equipment

The plumbers at Pompano Beach,FL specialize in
backflow certification, backflow prevention, backflow repairs, new backflow installations or replacements and backflow code compliance upgrades. Your Free estimate includes pulling the necessary permits and conforming the relevant paperwork with your city or water district.

Old School Plumbing plumbers of Pompano Beach, FL have been the favorite water heater plumbers of Pompano Beach, FL for 47 years and continues to  be the leader in hot  water heater repairs, installations and services.  Installing and repairing water heaters is our core competency - it's what we do everyday.

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Backflow certification in Pompano Beach, FL